The Best Running Shops in Kansas City

When I moved to Kansas City, I was looking for a good running shop to fill my needs and equip me for my runs. Kansas City has plenty of options for running shops, and after spending some time researching, I was able to narrow down my list to the three best running shops in Kansas City.

First up is Fleet Feet. This shop is centrally located downtown and is close to most of the running trails Kansas City has to offer. Fleet Feet focuses on making sure their customers have the best running experience and offer services such as shoes fitting and gait analysis. They also have a wide selection of shoes, apparel, and accessories that cater to all runners.

The next shop is Big River Running Company, located in the Northland area. This shop combines all of the same services Fleet Feet offers, but with a very different feel. For a runner, this shop is known to have an inviting atmosphere, great customer service, and plenty of running gear to keep you looking and feeling your best while running.

The final shop to consider is The Running Well Store. This shop is located south of the city and it is the go-to for finding some of the best running gear for competitions. They offer the same great services as the other two shops, but with the added benefit of having access to the latest technologies for improving performance and running times.

Overall, Kansas City has some of the best running shops to choose from. Fleet Feet, Big River Running Company, and The Running Well Store are all great choices for any runner, from beginners to seasoned competitors. Each brings something unique to the table, so you can be sure you’ll find exactly what you need to stay motivated and outfitted.